Ponte, Pian and Marognette Vineyards

These three beds of land are characterized by the skeletal soil, with a marked presence of clayey-silty complexes. It is located 250 m above sea level, in the flattest part of Villa of Negrar.
The terrain is identified by a strong presence of active limestone (due to the skeletal presence of the soil) that gives the grapes, and consequently the wines, an accentuated minerality and longevity. By virtue of this. the plot has ideal characteristics to produce bunches ("spargoli") ideal for drying.

Technical Characteristics:

Varieties of grape produced: Corvina 50%; Corvinone 25%; Rondinella 25%
Vineyard age: 25 years
Cultivation system: Pergola Veronese
Plant density: 3.300 stumps per hectare
Soil Composition: Sand 4.9%, Silt 49.7%, Clay 45.4%

Photographs of the vineyard:



Graphic processing of the map "I Cru di Enogea - Valpolicella" di Alessandro Masnaghetti

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